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          Logistics China




          CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP | Logistics Company

          Presently, the main businesses of China Merchants Group (the Group) cover three core sectors of transportation and related infrastructure (ports, toll roads, energy transportation and logistics), financial investment and asset management, as well as property development and management. 

          China Merchants is presently the major investor and operator of transportation infrastructure in mainland and Hong Kong. The Group has basically accomplished its strategic layout of investing in China’s container terminal hubs. Ports business is operated by China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited (“CMHI”) (0144, HK), which was the first red chip company listed in July 1992 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and was incorporated into Hong Kong Hang Seng Index constituent stock on September 6th ,2004. The Group had basically formed a nation-wide container hubs network, with its invested ports located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Xiamen of the Pearl River delta (including Xiamen Bay), Shanghai and Ningbo of the Yangtze River delta, Qingdao and Tianjin of the Bohai Bay and Zhanjiang in the southwestern coast. While consolidating its leading position in the domestic market, the Group has started its international expansion in a step-by-step way. Its successful investment in the Ben Ding Sao Mai Seaport project in Vietnam in 2007 has occupied a significant place in Vietnam’s port business. The container throughput of ports operated by CMHI in 2007 was 4,713 teu, and the volume for bulk goods was 158 million tons. The Group ranks as the top public port operators of China based on its container throughput. 

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