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          Logistics China



          COSCO GROUP

          COSCO GROUP | Logistics Company

          We are consolidating and developing our world leading status in shipping, logistics and ship building and repairing by maintaining a relationship of integrity and trust with our customers, employees and partners, yielding best returns for our shareholders, the society and environment 

          On June 30, 2005, the shares of China COSCO Holdings Company Limited (China COSCO: 1919 HK) began trading on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As one of the world's leading integrated container shipping operators, China COSCO will take this IPO as a turning point to better realize its management values of maximizing operational profits, corporate value and shareholders' return.

          On March 8, 2005, People's Daily, together with www.people.com.cn, released a special report on activities of Chinese polar expedition in Antarctica under the title of 'National Flag Swaying on the Summit of Icecap'. As the largest scientific exploration in our history, China's 21st Antarctic Expedition has caught great attentions both from national Top Administrators and people from all walks of life. The primary mission of this trip is to reach the south peak of Dome A, which had been successfully achieved On January 18. Apart from that, the team also took a COSCO company flag and planted it on the summit of the South Pole, Dome A. Two swaying flags on Antarctic 'Inaccessible Pole' witnessed this great event.

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