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          Logistics China



          China Logistics Co.Ltd

          China Logistics Co.Ltd | Logistics Company

          China Logistics Co.,Ltd is a Chinese local freight forwarder and worldwide all logistics transportation solutions provider ( 3 PL), with many year’s domestic and international experience on freight forwarding industry, transportation service and cargo agency.

          With the concept of our whole team, we provide a first-class, highly capable and adaptable transport management solutions and all kinds of highly value added integrated logistics services to the Small and Middle -Sized Enterprises(SME’S ). We take care of your most valuable goods as if they were our own.
          Whether it is a question that how big or how small, it goes without saying- we meet each requirement of you, from standard documentation, cargo handling, port or warehouse operations, destination distribution, door to door service and handling, and all necessary associated services.It will be a fun for you to choose either the single indivindual freight service and solution of our company, or our full range of logistics service from a single source. With real value, real choice, real quality. We hold the belief and effect it everyday: Always treat our customers honest and equal, let you get your cargo with smile, benefit the local people and environment around the world.
          Our Philosophy:
          To respect the elders, to be gentle to the youngers;
          To be a good teacher and helpful friend to the team members;
          Treating people with sincerity and equality;
          Do one thing really really very well and continually improve it;
          Always give more than expected, help others to succeed. 
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