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          Logistics China



          Grand China Logisitcs

          Grand China Logisitcs | Logistics Company

          As GCL GROUP’core subsidary, GCL Co. Ltd. focuses on integrating all the transportation resources of the Group and designing diversified service models

          We are the only Chinese firm works across all the 3 logistics sectors including ocean, air and land transportation. Based on effective management of all the fleets (container, bulk, chemical goods, special goods, oil tanker, cargo carrier etc.),GCL expands the services of railway transportaion,warehousing, package,custom clearance,solution design,logistics project management,muti-mode transportation etc, really meet client’s different requirement and finally form a “real sense”door to door logistics service.We have capacity and aim to be the largest globle logistics supplier.
          With registered capital of RMB 200 million, GCL Co., Ltd. own the most complete logistics qualification.(Till June 2009, GCL has set up 15 subsidaries (each company is registered with RMB 5 million) and 20 branches in major cities, the general network cover all the economic center area in China.We could provide transportation service from any domestic cities to the global.
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