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          Logistics China



          NYK logistics

          NYK logistics | Logistics Company

          Welcome to the web site of NYK Logistics £¨China£? Co. Ltd.! As a key member of the global NYK Logistics family, NYK Logistics China provides global ‘°customer-oriented logistics services‘± inside China and beyond.

          Our aim is to serve customers by designing, building, and operating innovative logistics solutions that measurably improve quality and customer service, and lower costs by virtue of NYK Logistics' integrated knowledge, network, and information capabilities.

          In a word, we offer ‘°comprehensive customer-oriented logistics services‘±. If the customer's requirements are as simple as moving cargo from point A to point B, we can provide a simple, economical service; On the other hand, if customers' requirements are more complex, i.e., requiring the reconfiguration and implementation of a customer's entire supply chain, as a leading logistics partner, we can also streamline your supply chain with an integrated logistics solution. No matter what service we provide, we are an ideal business partner and add value by providing you with excellent service. 

          Our ultimate goal is to realize a ‘°win-win‘± situation for both parties, and to make our contribution to the rapid growth of China's economy.

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