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          Logistics China




          WANGFOONG | Logistics Company

          Wangfoong Transportation Ltd was jointly established in 1980 by Wang Tak Group and Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). In 1987 Wangfoong Transportation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wang Tak Group.

          Wang Tak Group is a Hong Kong-based group of companies with diversified business activities engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair and engineering, international shipping, forwarding and logistics, property and land investment and management, trading of oil, gas, cryogenic industrial products and maritime applications, industrial gas production and relevant facilities.

          Wang Tak Shipbulding and Engineering Co. Ltd (http://www.wangtak.com.hk), is the second oldest shipyard in Hong Kong with more than seventy years of history and leading service provider for catamarans commuting between Hong Kong and China/Macau. It also provides on-going maintenance on container-handling equipment to terminal operators and have been involved in various engineering projects for private and government institutions.
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